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alright, so here we go, again…. I’ve been pretty stagnant with the move, and the whole figuring out my place in the world and what not, and now, I’m gonna try to make this an actual blog/site that has updates on a fairly regular basis. At least maybe link it to some photos of guitar effects I’m working on, and maybe make it into a place for some more in depth discussion on the stuff I’m doing that’s separate from all the awful social media sites, so I better left those site behind and visit sites I enjoy spending time on like the casino site wildcardcity online. Hell, maybe I’ll just tie it in with all the awful social media sites. I don’t know yet. But anyway, here goes nothing.

The shot above is of an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer that I modded for a friend of mine back in 2004 or so, and it shit the bed (not due to my mods mind you), so it’s been back in my possession for a few years, and only the last few months have I finally gotten back to fixing it. It’s been giving me some hell, as I’m pretty sure there’s a grounding problem, but I just haven’t sussed it out yet. My focus with this pedal doesn’t last very long, as it frustrates me that I can’t remember what I once knew to be able to figure out what is probably a simple problem that I’m overlooking. It’s kept me up at night, and every few days I dive back in and try the next few things I think of, only to be shot back down. But hey, I consider this my re-learning process, and I kind of welcome that frustration, as at least it means I’m passionate about it. I guess I really just see this thing as my rite of passage back into the world I once knew, and that if I can slay this beast, then greatness lies on the other side. There is also the fact that my cherished Boss SD-1 that I modded is waiting on the other side. See, when he sent me this, I sent that SD-1 (my personal pedal that I used regularly) off to him to tide him over until I get this one fixed. Collateral. So yeah, I miss my sweet yellow box, and I had modded the SD-1 before I knew some of the other things I’ve learned over the years, so it didn’t work work with AC power, only a 9v. I know now that I just need to change out one resistor (and probably the big stupid green LED) that I put in it, and it’ll work just fine. I actually knew that then too, but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it. So yeah, I want that thing back, so I can finish off what I started, and I want to get this sweet green TS9 fixed up so I can finish off what I started with it, and move on to bigger and better things. Here’s the beginning of that venture. Stay tuned.

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coming soon…

I swear.

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